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Fresh Cold Pressed Oils

Fresh Cold Pressed Hemp Seed/Cannabis Sativa L. Oil 250ml

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250 ml
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Health Embassy

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Fresh Cold Pressed


Hemp Seed/Cannabis




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The only oils that are healthy for human organism and have nutritional qualities are cold-pressed and unrefined. They are the closest to nature, which we, as human beings, are a part of – the oil is simply pressed with a special press made from a basic resource, that is why its precious ingredients are intact.


The oils offered by Health Embassy are unfiltered, crude and unrefined. During the whole process from expression (cold expression) through storage to distribution, the temperature does not exceed 40o centigrade, which guarantees the perfect biochemical composition of our oils. A short use-by date (usually 3 to 6 months) is caused by the fact that our oils have natural in 100% ingredients and do not have any preservatives. Potential suspension or residue at the bottom of the bottle is natural and results from biological activity of the product. It is advised to store the natural oils from our company in a cold place away from the sun - fridge with temperature of 5o-10o centigrade will be the best. We can assure our clients that the oil purchased from us will be fresh (not older than 14 days) with a precise production date and a use-by date printed on the label.