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Fresh Cold Pressed Shelled Sunflower Seed Pulling Oil 250ml

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The only oils that are healthy for human organism and have nutritional qualities are cold-pressed and unrefined. They are the closest to nature, which we, as human beings, are a part of – the oil is simply pressed with a special press made from a basic resource, that is why its precious ingredients are intact.


The oils offered by Health Embassy are unfiltered, crude and unrefined. During the whole process from expression (cold expression) through storage to distribution, the temperature does not exceed 40o centigrade, which guarantees the perfect biochemical composition of our oils. A short use-by date (usually 3 to 6 months) is caused by the fact that our oils have natural in 100% ingredients and do not have any preservatives. Potential suspension or residue at the bottom of the bottle is natural and results from biological activity of the product. It is advised to store the natural oils from our company in a cold place away from the sun - fridge with temperature of 5o-10o centigrade will be the best. We can assure our clients that the oil purchased from us will be fresh (not older than 14 days) with a precise production date and a use-by date printed on the label.


Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy, the highest quality sunflower oil from sunflower seeds, is obtained directly from the first pressing.Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oilis neither refined nor filtered. Potential suspension or residue at the bottom of the bottle is natural and results from biological activity of the product.

Permanence of Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy - 3 months at the storage temperature of 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy is produced from sunflower seeds that come from organic farming. Therefore, the sunflower used for production of naturalFresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy is grown without the use of chemical products. In organic farming, the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides is completely forbidden.


The use of Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy


Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassycan be used only cold, do not heat or use it for frying the dishes.

As a food product, it can be used in any quantity for different kinds of meals: buckwheat or groats, potatoes, cheese spreads, sandwich spreads, salads, sauces, dressings, home-made mayo and other dishes.

Prophylactically, Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy can be used in order to supplement biologically active omega-6 fatty acids in the amount of 1 tablespoon per day.


Face mask made from Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy


It is good to mix Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy with the yolk and honey, apply on face and neck – rinse after 15 minutes.

Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy is also perfect for combination and oily skin. It strengthens the natural protective barrier of the cuticle, has a great softening and smoothing effect on skin. At the same time, it doesn’t clog the pores, normalizes sebum production. It has an anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory effect. It harmonizes perfectly with Coffee Scrub Health Embassy to help its spreading. Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy can be also added to favourite essential oil – it will moisturize and tone the skin.


Pulling therapy with Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassy.


The therapeutic properties of the sunflower oil shown when pullingit are mysterious and unexplained scientifically.

The oil pulling therapy originates from Ayurveda –medicine from ancient India. The benefits of rinsing mouth with oil were mentioned for the first time in the medicinal books written by CharakaSamhita and SushrutaArthashastra over than 2000 years B.C. Many healing properties are attributed to the oil therapy – this treatment does not only clean the mouth, but also brings back health to the organism. Ayurvedic doctors appreciated the effects of this therapy so much that it was introduced to the recommendations on the proper daily routinefor keeping and regaining health. It is thought that the process itself is able to cure around 30 different conditions from the minor ones, such as unpleasant breath to asthma or diabetes.

In contemporary history, sunflower oil pulling and its effects were discussed officially for the first time by dr. F. Karach during the conference of oncologists and bacteriologists belonging to the Academy of Science of the former USSR. The above-mentioned method stands out because of its simplicity and high effectiveness in dealing with all kinds of conditions.

The credibility of the sunflower oil pulling therapy is increased by the fact that nobody can gain any financial profit, there are no side effects or contraindications. The cost of oil, being so small, isn’t even worth mentioning.
It should also be noted that after examination of all available cold-pressed vegetable oils, only sunflower oil has shown such amazing medicinal properties. The sesame oil had a weaker effect. All other oils have shown none medicinal effects during pulling therapy.

Currently, everyone can buy Fresh Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil Health Embassywithout any problems and apply this treatment as a permanent part of everyday routine when getting ready.

The results of the sunflower oil pulling method are surprising and fascinating at the same time. The beneficial effect of oil pulling on our health is still difficult to explain scientifically. It is assumed that the success of this method is owed to the mucous membrane in the oral cavity which takes part in filtering and detoxification of the organism.

The basic rule of the sunflower oiltreatment is its sucking and sloshingaround the oral cavity. The proper cleansing and healing process occurs automatically. When using this method, our cells, collagen fibres and internal organs undergo a treatment at the same time. The process prevents deterioration of the natural microflora, and the consequential deterioration of the organism. Oil pulling can help restore the natural biological balance that prolongs the span of human lifesubstantially.

The results of sunflower oilpulling are so surprising that they provoked further, accurately documented research. The astonishing (fortraditional medicine) fact is that, thanks to this natural method, a wide range of symptoms disappeared without causing any side effects. This simple and very cheap method helps to cure a lot of diseases that are usually treated surgically, with the use of strong medicines or with unpleasant side effects.

Thanks to this method, it is possible to treat single cells, more complex lymph glands, tissues and internal organs at the same time. This is caused by the fact that the beneficial microflora in the organism is not eliminated, whereas the harmful bacteria and parasites are. Dr. Karach estimates that a regular application of this treatment may extend the average life span of a human up to 150 years, that is double the current life span.


It is assumed that the sunflower oil treatment can deal with diseases or conditions such as:

- Headaches
- Sinusitis
- Bronchitis
- Sore throat
- Runny nose
- Toothaches
- Bleeding gums
- Tooth decay
- Tonsillitis
- Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
- Chronic blood disorders
- Arthritis
- Eczema
- Acne
- Mycotic conditions
- Psoriasis
- Stomach diseases
- Intestine disorders
- Heart conditions
- Kidney conditions
- Diseases common in women
- Lung conditions
- Liver disorders
- Diseases of the nervous system

The sunflower oiltreatment not only heals the existing conditions but has also a prophylactic effect, protecting us from e.g., cardiac arrest or dangerous growths.

The author of the pulling oil method, Dr. Karach, assures that he was able to treat a chronic blood condition that was pestering him for over 15 years; and the bothering rheumatic disease was cured in 3 days.

How the oil pulling is done?

Fresh, cold-pressed sunflower oil is the best for the oil treatment. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of oil into mouth and slosh, suck and pull it through your teeth for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do not swallow the oil used for sloshing under any circumstances!

At the beginning, the oil is quite thick, but during the sloshing, it becomes more watery. After finished swishing, make sure to spit it out, a toilet would be the best place since, after rinsing,the liquid contains a lot of bacteria and harmful substances. If you spit it into the washbasin, clean it thoroughly. The spat liquid should have the white colourof milk, if it is yellow, it means that the pulling was too short.

After spitting the oil, it is extremely important to thoroughly wash your teeth and rinse your mouth with water! Special attention should be paid to cleaning the tongue, where residue and a discharge from mucous membrane gather. Cleaning the tongue can be done by a toothbrush, special scraper available in pharmacies or a regular teaspoon.
After washing your teeth, tongue and rinsing the oral cavity, it is worth to spend a moment on massaging gums. To do that, apply some pressure with the index finger on gums, starting from incisors and heading gradually towards the throat. The gums should be massaged on both sides and the pressure shouldn’t be too strong. The gum massage is to stimulate circulation, it also supports lymph flow – the tissue fluid – that goes into the vascular system.

When pulling the oil, there is an accelerated activity of metabolism which has a positive influence on overall health of human body. The sunflower oil treatment has a very positive effect on teeth. Used properly, it strengthens loose teeth, stops gum bleeding and has a clear whitening effect.

Even though every organism reacts differently for the treatment, properly used method of sunflower oil pulling should give a permanent improvement of general health. Oil sloshing should be used until the body regains its original strength and freshness; proper sleep, healthy appetite and uninterrupted ability to concentrate and memorize are back. The organism will get boosted immunity, thus it will deal faster with minor conditions. Chronic and more severe diseases sometimes require a year of therapy in order to be cured completely.

At the beginning of the treatment, a slight worsening of overall health may be observed, however, this is a natural reaction in case when our body is fighting with several conditions at the same time. It is not a reason to stop the treatment but a sign that it is effective and should be carried on. Just remember that we cannot treat all the diseases by oil pulling. In case of serious conditions e.g., pneumonia, we should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

When applying the sunflower oilpulling, we should have a bit of patience and faith in activities undertaken by us.



The information above cannot be a substitute for an appointment with the doctor and shouldn’t serve as self-medication. It is only for information and educational purposes. Read all the information carefully before taking this medicine or ask your doctor for advice. Using oils according to the instructions given determines their effectiveness and safety during the treatment. Ill-assorted blend will not bring the expected results and may even be harmful. Maximum care should be exercised in case of children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ensure that your doctor knows what medications you are on. Using certains oils simultaneously with some of synthetic medicines may have a very dangerous effect. This may result in different, often dangerous for health, forms. It may also weaken the effect of a synthetic therapeutic medicine (e.g. antidepressant) or even neutralize it completely.
Always follow the instructions for use! Exceeding the dose may be especially harmful to children. A child’s body needs to be treated in a different way than an adult’s body. A child’s health problems should be consulted with a paediatrician and oil blends should be used when recommended by the doctor.