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Cistus Incanus Tea

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        Cistus Incanus  is one of the most potent plants that improve human’s immune system, having, at the same time, no side effects as well as no possibility to overdose. It tastes lovely with a bit of honey and lemon juice, it can be also sweetened with Stevia Powder Health Embassy extract.

        If you haven’t tried Cistus Incanus Tea Health Embassy yet, I encourage to buy it – here are 10 reasons why it’s worth to do this:

1. Thanks to the fact that Cistus Incanus Tea Health Embassy is extremely rich in polyphenols, it eliminates micro-organisms such as viruses effectively. In case of upper respiratory tract infection, it helps to get rid of the symptoms. So, before you use any “flu and cold medicine” advertised on TV – have a drink of Cistus Incanus Health Embassy tea. Its effectiveness in case of infections has been proved by clinical studies.

2. It can bring relief to men of older age who suffer from enlarged prostate, since it has  antiproliferative and cytotoxic properties.

3. It removes toxic heavy metals from the organism (it binds especially cadmium very easily), that is why it is especially  recommended to smokers.

4. Because of its antibacterial, antivirus and anti-fungal properties,  Cistus Incanus Health Embassy can bring relief to those who suffer from e.g. dandruff, psoriasis, acne, eczema, proliferation of candida albicans, chronic and recurring sinus infection, various mycoses of skin and nails, infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, herpes virus, shingles virus, Helicobacter Pylori infections  and other conditions caused by proliferation of unwanted viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body. It will help even those, who can’t be treated with any antibiotics. It also has an anti-allergic (antihistamine) effect.

5. It also helps to prevent ischaemic heart disease, dissolve embolisms and blood clots.

6. It’s a strong antioxidant plant that has a great ability to catch free radicals and lower the activity of collagenase (the enzyme responsible for decomposing collage). As a result, it has a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and vitalizing effect on human body.

7. It even works against spirochaete that causes Lyme disease. By protecting against infection as well as being an important part of herbal protocol if the infection has already started: the substances contained in Cistus Incanus Health Embassy “cover” the spirochaetes, which, as a result, become neutralized.

8. Cistus Incanus Health Embassy can also be used for pets in order to protect them against fleas and ticks.

9. Extract from Cistus Incanus Health Embassy  is a great aid for the hygiene of oral cavity. Rinsing out your mouth after brushing teeth with the cistus’ extract will easily substitute for all mouthwashes bought at the chemist’s, where the most commonly used antibacterial substance is toxic triclosan. Cistus Incanus Health Embassy has also a teeth-whitening effect, because it has a great effect on bacterial biofilm – it simply dissolves it.

10. Drinking the extract from Cistus Incanus Health Embassy regularly causes a change in the smell of body discharge. In case of a problem with, e.g. an unpleasant smell of sweat (armpits, feet), after a few weeks of drinking tea made of cistus, it will be noticeable that the unpleasant smell has greatly reduced. Apart from deodorant with magnesium, it is the second thing really worth considering.


How to drink Cistus Incanus Health Embassy ?

First of all, for a long time and persistently.

           Drinking the tea once will have no effect. Neither drinking it from time to time. It should be consumed regularly, every day. Only then Cistus Incanus Health Embassy will present to us its cleansing potential. The effects might be felt even after a week, though the ones very noticeable minimum after a month of regular use.

Infusion: pour boiling water over one teaspoon of Cistus Incanus Health Embassy and let it steep covered for around 10 minutes. Strain it and, after cooling, drink. 2-3 times a day or more. It is recommended that a given portion of tea is steeped for several times (can be done up to 4 times), which will allow to get out all the beneficial ingredients. The infusion can be seasoned to taste with lemon juice and/or sweetened a little bit with, e.g. honey or Stevia Powder Health Embassy.

Family preventive infusion: brew one heaped table spoon of Cistus Incanus Health Embassy in a big, one-litre pot and continue as in the recipe above. It’s a great way to fortify the immune system of the whole family at the end of seasons when it is easy to catch a runny nose or other infections. It can be also used during a heat wave as an Ice Tea type of drink with the addition of ice cubes, lemon and mint leaves.

Decoction: for more severe or chronic conditions: pour 200-220 ml of water over around 10 grams of Cistus Incanus Health Embassy, bring it to boil and cook for 5 minutes, leave it for 20 minutes to cool down and strain. The decoction got as a result can be used externally (compress, rinse, wash) and internally – 100 ml 3-4 times a day (any kind of inflammatory conditions, Lyme disease, enteritis and gastritis etc.), and also for enemas (150-200 ml by way of the rectum).

As a herb rich in bioflavonoids, Cistus Incanus Health Embassy  works great with vitamin C, enhancing its effects (important in case of infections). As all herbal teas, tea made from Cistus Incanus Health Embassy  has an alkalizing influence on body.


The information above cannot be a substitute for an appointment with the doctor and shouldn’t serve as self-medication. It is only for information and educational purposes. The popular view is that herbs are always healthy. But remember – herbs are medicines, first of all!

Read all the information carefully before taking this medicine or ask your doctor for advice. Using herbs according to the instructions given determines their effectiveness and safety during the treatment. Ill-assorted blend will not bring the expected results and may even be harmful. Maximum care should be exercised in case of children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ensure that your doctor knows what medications you are on. Using certains herbs simultaneously with some of synthetic medicines may have a very dangerous effect. This may result in different, often dangerous for health, forms. It may also weaken the effect of a synthetic therapeutic medicine (e.g. antidepressant) or even neutralize it completely.
Always follow the instructions for use! Exceeding the dose may be especially harmful to children. A child’s body needs to be treated in a different way than an adult’s body. A child’s health problems should be consulted with a paediatrician and herbal blends should be used when recommended by the doctor.