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Acorn Coffee 100g

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Acorn Coffee


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Acorn Coffee Health Embassy is one of better caffeine-free substitutes of natural coffee. Do you know it? If it hasn’t appeared in your cup yet, maybe it’s worth trying out. If not for its interesting taste as well as scent, then maybe for its medicinal properties. This remarkable drink is also an interesting way to add some variety when meeting friends for a cuppa.

Acorn Coffee Health Embassy is made from acorns that are cooked, then roasted and ground. Ground acorns make 98.5% of ingredients of Acorn Coffee Health Embassy, the rest is: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The taste of this coffee is very distinctive and unique – spicy, resembling the taste and smell of smoked plums, however, there are some that would say it tastes like gingerbread. One is certain: Acorn Coffee Health Embassy is so special that its taste will convince you for long and you’ll like it more and more with each sip. Depending on preferences and individual likings, you can experiment with it without any harm to it.

You can add different kinds of natural additives, such as: milk, honey, cocoa or a little bit of natural coffee – it depends on preferences and which taste you like most.

A lot of people notice slight bitterness in the taste of this infusion. However, this doesn’t mean that Acorn Coffee Health Embassy can’t be regarded as healthy since it supports proper liver functioning. It also improves digestion – strengthens stomach, liver and spleen. Because of that, among other things, it is recommended to those suffering from stomach problems.


It also helps to eliminate stomach disorders and control the digestive system. It is recommended for bloats, enlarged spleen – it can also help you get rid of diarrhoea. Apart from the fact that it is nutritious, gives the feeling of satiety, it is also restorative. In the old times it was drunk in amanor as well as in a peasant cottage, especially by those who were weakened after illnesses, as a restorative drink. The caloric value for 100 grams of acorns is... 510 kcal. Carbohydrates amount to nearly 54%, there’s 8% of protein, 32% of fat, and the rest is water. They also contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin


Will you get the same effects when drinking Acorn Coffee Health Embassyin the evening instead of regular coffee? Will it stimulate and help to fight down drowsiness? Well, here you can get slightly disappointed because its effects might be the opposite, this kind of coffee may have a relaxing effect. However…, the sensations might differ.


It also has one unusual for a coffee property. It can be used not only by adults – children can also drink it.

How to prepare it?

However, it is served slightly differently than a classic coffee. Cooking is required. One of the ways to prepare it is putting one teaspoon into a container, pouring boiling water over it and brewing covered for about 5-10 minutes. Another method is based on cooking – in this case, after putting 2-3 teaspoons into a container and pouring a glass of water, bring it to boil (then, it gets a more intense aroma) for 2 to 3 minutes. Next, leave it aside (for about 10 minutes) and strain it through a strainer.It can be served with cream or milk.


But these are not all the possibilities that Acorn Coffee Health Embassy has to offer. Coffee can be also successfully used to prepare Cappuccino or desserts – it intensifies their taste and aroma.

If you’re looking for something that can be a substitute for natural coffee and, at the same time, will have a unique taste and aroma, you can use Acorn Coffee Health Embassy without hesitation.