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Ladys Mantle Herb Tea 50g

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Lady’s Mantle Herb



(Alchemilla Vulgaris)


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Lady’s Mantle is a long-lasting and undemanding plant with 7-9 leaves that are kidney-shaped and toothed at the edge. The lower ones are borne on slender stalks from the roots, whereas the upper leaves are stalkless and embrace the stem.An achene is its fruit. Because of the shape of leaves, dew condenses on them. Its flowers are greenish and small (2-4 mm).


Lady’s Mantle grows in humid places, on the borders of forests, next to roads, on meadows.


In the earlier ages, extraordinary properties were attributed to this plant. Alchemists collected the dew appearing on its leaves, since they believed that it would bring the solution to the problem of philosophical stone.


Maria Treben–a German herbalist wrote in her book entitled "Health Through God's Pharmacy" that Lady’s Mantle was called the Mother of God’s coat in the traditional medicine and women’s best friend. It was mostly used for treatment of any feminine conditions – when used, it soothed menstrual pains and the menopausal symptoms, it also helped withthe genital tract infections – e.g. in case of vaginal discharge.Pregnant women drank the infusion of Lady’s Mantle to prevent miscarriage – the components present in it strengthen uterine ligaments, reducing at the same time the risk of losing the foetus. Moreover, it was also used for the digestive tract disorders – diarrhoeas and stomachaches, and the poultice made from Lady’s Mantle speeded up the healing of wounds. The herb has been also used as a cosmetic for a long time.


This is why Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy is called  women’s best friend:


Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy has the following effects:

  • diuretic,
  • astringent (especially useful in case of diarrhoea)
  • it improves muscle functioning (thanks to that, it eliminates the causes of incontinence) and is useful for different types of muscle injuries, also in case of heart muscle, can be also beneficial for hernia,
  • it improves metabolism,
  • it stimulates stomach functioning, (gastritis)
  • it eliminates excessive bowel fermentation, bloats, cramps (it stops bacterial development in the digestive tract). It is also used for hyperacidity,
  • it regulates menstruation,
  • it decreases heavy menstrual bleeding,
  • it reduces menopausal complaints,
  • it’s useful for eliminating inflammation in the reproductive system (it helps to fight down the unpleasant smell from reproductive organs), and white vaginal discharge


Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassyis used mostly as an anti-inflammatory. Infusions made from it are used for treatment of mild diarrhoea. It is also recommended for the following disorders:


  • bloats,

  • rumbling,

  • liquidmoving

  • belching,

  • feeling of satiety,

  • stomach-ache,

  • gastrointestinalulcers.


Infusion of Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy:


Infusion: 1 heaped teaspoon of Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy per 1 glass of boiling water, cover it with e.g. a saucer, strain it after 10-15 minutes and drink one glass 2-3 times a day. The infusion can be used for menopausal complaints (in this case, it is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of Lemon Balm Tea Health Embassy) or infections of reproductive organs. Drinking the infusion will help the organism to deal with the inconvenient ailments.The infusion can be also given to those who feel weakened and complain about the lack of appetite.


The infusion of Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy has also external use:


- it improves recovery after pulling teeth out

- it can be used for laryngitis and ulceration of the oral cavity


Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy is also used in cosmetology:


Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy face mask


A face mask made from Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy does not only improve the skin texture but also bleaches any discoloration or scars and closes the open skin pores. Ladies with all kinds of skin can use it, however, it is most effective in case of oily skin with a tendency to acne.

Pour half a glass of boiling water over a heaped teaspoon of Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy. Add two tablespoons of porridge oats to the infusion and mix it well (best to use a blender) in order to create a pulp. Put the mask on your face for ten minutes and, then rinse with warm water.


Detoxifying bath with Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy


Take 1 glass of dried Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassyand ½ a glass of Linden Flower Tea Health Embassy. Pour 2 litres of boiling water over the herbs and simmer it. After a few minutes, take it from the heat and leave the infusion to cool. Filter it through a strainer, pour the liquid received into a bath filled up with warm (not hot) water. Take the bath for at least 10-15 minutes. The bath has a revitalizing effect and restores the elasticity to skin.


An anti-inflammatory tincture made from Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy


  • pour 500 ml of pure vodka over a glass of Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea Health Embassy.

  • Leave aside for 14 days.

  • Filter it, pour into smaller dark glass bottles.

  • Take 10 ml three times a day in case of throat and oral cavity infections.

    The tincture can be also used to bathe oily skin with purulent pimples four times a day. It is also recommended for herpes and ulceration.



    The information above cannot be a substitute for an appointment with the doctor and shouldn’t serve as self-medication. It is only for information and educational purposes. The popular view is that herbs are always healthy. But remember – herbs are medicines, first of all!

    Read all the information carefully before taking this medicine or ask your doctor for advice. Using herbs according to the instructions given determines their effectiveness and safety during the treatment. Ill-assorted blend will not bring the expected results and may even be harmful. Maximum care should be exercised in case of children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Ensure that your doctor knows what medications you are on. Using certains herbs simultaneously with some of synthetic medicines may have a very dangerous effect. This may result in different, often dangerous for health, forms. It may also weaken the effect of a synthetic therapeutic medicine (e.g. antidepressant) or even neutralize it completely.
    Always follow the instructions for use! Exceeding the dose may be especially harmful to children. A child’s body needs to be treated in a different way than an adult’s body. A child’s health problems should be consulted with a paediatrician and herbal blends should be used when recommended by the doctor.