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St. John's wort Tea 50g

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St. John’s wort




(Hypericum perforatum)

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St. John’s wort (Hypericumperforatum) is a medicinal plant known from antiquity and used widely thanks to its biological properties.

The juice from St. John’s wort was once used by folk healers to drive bad spirits away ;) and also to foretell illness ;). It was thought that this plant was “pricked by the devil in fury”. Does St. John’s wort really have these magical properties? This kind of knowledge has never been confirmed scientifically, therefore it is best to treat it with a pinch of salt ;).


Healing values of St. John’s wort were described by ancient scholars such as: Hippocrates (460-377 BC), Theophrastus (372-287 BC), Dioscorides (1st century), Galen (130-200) and Pliny in the Twenty-fourth Book of his “Historiarum mundi”. Paracelsus (1493-1541) claimed that there wasn’t any other so effective herb for treating „frantic fantasies”. Therefore, St. John’s wort has been recommended for centuries as an effective medicine for conditions of respiratory and urinary tracts, digestive disorders, haemorrhoids, injuries, burns, wounds and ulcers of different origin. Since Paracelsus, St. John’s wort has been also used to treat neurological and mental conditions, such as: neuralgia, anxiety as well as depression.


St. John’s wort Health Embassy is a great toning remedy for our nerve system, it soothes the tension and anxiety, reassures. St. John’s wort Health Embassy is useful for emotional issues during menopause. The soothing property of St. John’s wort Health Embassy is attributed to a substance called hypericin which lowers the blood pressure, the brittleness of capillaries, it also has a positive influence on the uterus. St. John’s wort Health Embassy can be used in case of painful, heavy and irregular periods as well as for soothing premenstrual tension. St. John’s wort Health Embassy has got diuretic properties, it reduces fluid retention and speeds up the elimination of toxins in urine. It is also useful for treatment of gout and joint inflammation.


St. John’s wort Health Embassy has also got expectorant qualities, helps to clear up the phlegm from the chest and speeds up the recovery from cough and chest infections. St. John’s wort Health Embassy has antibacterial and antiviral qualities, it is an active agent for tuberculosis and flu type A. Thanks to its antibacterial and absorption qualities, St. John’s wort Health Embassy is useful when treating diseases of the digestive system, such as: gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, dysentery. It is said that St. John’s wort Health Embassy can treat peptic ulcers and gastritis. Used both internally and externally, St. John’s wort Health Embassy can be a miracle medicine for neuralgia and exhausted nervous system. St. John’s wort Health Embassy can be used for treating neuralgia (e.g. trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica), fibromyalgia, back pains, headaches, shingles, rheumatic pains.


Infusion from St. John’s wort Health Embassy for digestive disorders


Pour 1.5 glass of boiling water over two tablespoons of St. John’s wort Health Embassy(do not boil it!) and leave it covered for 30 minutes, next, strain it and drink half a glass 2-3 times 20 minutes before a meal.

The infusion may also be used to rinse mouth with unpleasant smell, sore throat, rhinitis and also for bathing skin in case of purulent infections, wounds and acne.



Tincture made from St. John’s wort Health Embassy



  • 50g of St. John’s wort Health Embassy
  • 200mlof spirit vol. 70%
  • 200mlof vodka


Pour the spirit over St. John’s wort Health Embassy. Keep prepared this way St. John’s wort Health Embassyfor two weeks, shaking the container every day. Then, the liquid which is already red, should be well-filtred (it is best to use a gauze folded a couple of times for that purpose), and can be poured over to bottles.Pour only vodkaover the remains.Leave it for two weeks as well. After filtering it again, mix the spirit with vodka. Keep prepared this way tincture far away from sun. For example, in the cupboard for medicines.


Tincture from St. John’s wort Health Embassycan be consumed 2-3 times a day in amount of one teaspoon, best after a meal. It soothes depression, headaches, improves sleep.


St. John’s wort Health Embassy should be used cautiously since it increases skin sensitivity to sun and is especially not recommended for those with fair complexion or skin lesions. It should be also noted that using St. John’s wort Health Embassy orally can lower the effectiveness of contraceptives and other medicines.




The information above cannot be a substitute for an appointment with the doctor and shouldn’t serve as self-medication. It is only for information and educational purposes. The popular view is that herbs are always healthy. But remember – herbs are medicines, first of all!

Read all the information carefully before taking this medicine or ask your doctor for advice. Using herbs according to the instructions given determines their effectiveness and safety during the treatment. Ill-assorted blend will not bring the expected results and may even be harmful. Maximum care should be exercised in case of children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ensure that your doctor knows what medications you are on. Using certains herbs simultaneously with some of synthetic medicines may have a very dangerous effect. This may result in different, often dangerous for health, forms. It may also weaken the effect of a synthetic therapeutic medicine (e.g. antidepressant) or even neutralize it completely.
Always follow the instructions for use! Exceeding the dose may be especially harmful to children. A child’s body needs to be treated in a different way than an adult’s body. A child’s health problems should be consulted with a paediatrician and herbal blends should be used when recommended by the doctor.